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The Just and the Gentle

An Edmund/Susan Community

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A Word About Me
Hello and welcome to susanedmund, the only community on Livejournal that supports the pairing Edmund/Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia, the fantasy series by C.S. Lewis. This community was created ages ago but never got off the ground. With luck, it might get off the ground this time around, but there are no guarantees.

A few rules before we begin:

1. You must join the community to participate and post. Do not join if you dislike the pairing.
2. All fanfiction must be behind an lj-cut. Please post a summary and rating with all fanfiction.
3. Drabbles are welcome. If you have more than one, use an lj-cut.
4. Posts with more than three icons or any larger graphics must also be behind an lj-cut. You may post teasers for large icon posts if you like.
5. Anything else regarding the pairing is welcome (fanmixes, rpgs, etc.). If you have a question regarding what is acceptable, contact goldenwanderer.
6. No bashing the pairing. If you don't like Edmund/Susan, don't stick around. There are plenty of other places for you out there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joelle, the creator of this community, at goldenwanderer. And otherwise, have fun!

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